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Evangelist Poole, founder and CEO of Watthew Ministries International, Inc. invites you to join her in the adoption of Jambanjelly Villagers in The Gambia, West Africa.  There are more than 400 children being served at the Jambanjelly Day Care Centre, ranging from toddlers to age 6 when formal education begins.  Evangelist Poole has linked her heart with this school in providing Early Childhood Development training and technical assistance, promoting cross visits with SBEC International School, annual distribution of rice to the villagers, and funding of teacher salaries.

This school needs kindhearted, giving people such as yourself to join Evangelist Poole as she endeavors (with the help of God) to assist with projects such as refurbishing a well. 

This water will enable the caretakers to keep the garden flourishing with vegetables to feed the children at lunchtime.  Presently, they are tapping into a community pipe and will be assessed fees for using the water.  Estimates to dig and refurbish their own well is approximately $5-6,000. 

Teachers struggle themselves, yet choose to keep working and teaching the children when they themselves have very little salaries offered to them.  You or your group can help by sponsoring a teacher’s salary for one year. 

Salaries are $800 annually per person.  We would like to sponsor teachers at two village locations, Jambanjelly Day Care Centre, and Bright Futures Academy, both serving children from poor and disadvantaged families in Jambanjelly Village.

Each year, prior to travel to The Gambia, Evangelist Poole raises funds to purchase 25 kg bags of rice for families of children represented at this day care centre.  Some families were turned away due to a lack of enough bags of rice.

Each 25 kg bag may be sponsored for only $15.00.   It may generally feed a family of four for about 4-6 weeks. The purpose is not to sustain them long term, but to demonstrate to them that God is love and He consistently cares for them too.

Your generous contributions will not go unnoticed by those who receive nor by God above.  Thanking you in advance for caring and sharing.


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Holly —

I have recently met a young man online who is 19 who lives with his 84 year old disabled grandmother. Both parents are dead. He is taking care of his 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He lives in the village of Jalanlang. Do you know of this village? Do you assist this village in any ways? The young man is called Wassa. It appears he is the main person who supports his family in whatever way he can. Thank you,

    sojourner1949 —

    Dear Holly, thanks for your submission. Sorry for the delay, I have not checked online in a few days. No, I am not familiar with this Village called Jalanlang. Is it in fact in The Gambia, West Africa? If so, I can make inquiry regarding this person. Prayerfully you are certain that this is indeed the issue. This is why I love and prefer to go myself to distribute any help to the villagers to ensure that everything is on the up and up. Thanks again for your comments.

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