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Watthew Ministries International, Inc. proudly invites you to participate in a rewarding outreach to support needy children in The Gambia, West Africa through sponsorships. 

The child sponsorships will focus on educational supports by providing funds to help families with school fees, uniforms, supplies, and even food to take for their lunch/snack.

School fees vary in amount in The Gambia, depending on the quality of the school as well as the grade level of the students.  Because of my background in early childhood education, I am supporting young children who are in need of a head start through nursery school and the primary grade levels.

Each child sponsorship is intended to “give a helping hand” to the families.  Therefore, we ask you to contribute a minimum of $50 every three months or a maximum of $100 every three months per child sponsored.  School fees are due by September, January and April.  Funds will be sent by Western Union, (Bank or Money Transfer) and/or taken personally when I travel there.

You will receive an information card indicating the name and age of your sponsored child, name of the school, grade level, and any other pertinent information available.

Contact me for any further details.

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