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With the help of many co-laborers in God’s Kingdom, we have witnessed the shipment of four containers [in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008] filled with school supplies, clothing, school furnishings, Christian books and Bibles, educational books and resources, computers, computer desks, office chairs and furnishings, more than 4,000 Military-Style Ready to Eat packages, and much much more.

The first shipment was small and sent via a local packing company in 2001 by Dr. Mary Lindsey of the Center of Excellence.

The second shipment was in 2004. A 20 ft. container was loaded up from Bible Based Fellowship Church of Temple Terrace, Rev. Earl Mason, Pastor

The third shipment was a 40 ft. container loaded up in 2007 from the lot of Living Faith Assembly of God Church, Rev. Malcolm Burleigh, Pastor.

The fourth and final shipment was sent by Evangelist Rhudine Poole in 2008, loading up items that had been collected and stored at a local warehouse under the direction of Dr. Rodney White of Africayes, Inc.


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