Master Trainer

Educational Resources included years of voluntary work by Evangelist Rhudine Poole from Jan. 2001 to present.  This  involved observational and assessment visits in many urban and rural village schools, regional training workshop sessions for untrained facilitators, consultations and technical assistance with school administrators and staff, travel to Sierra Leone for workshop development and presentations,  parent involvement workshops, collaboration with private sector and government entities in developing ECD and parenting manuals, lesson plan development guides, development of all training modules used, and layouts for appropriate learning centers called “dream corners”.

Auntie Neneh Galleh, as she is commonly called, also mentored and encouraged the professional development of Lisong Bah as a master trainer to carry on this work in her own country.

In June 2007, Watthew Ministries International, Inc. organized and led a team of 20 short-term mission travelers to The Gambia to participate in a huge undertaking by joining hands with The Gambian ECD Community  and SBEC International School in presenting their first ECD Conference.  The theme was “Shaping World Changers in The Gambia”.  This theme remains with SBEC International School to this date.