Our Creed


Our Creed

Written By:   Sojourner Neneh-Galleh  April, 2003


I am a woman at the well

And I’m in this world, you see

Not to be like anyone else

But who God wants me to be

I know that I am chosen

By God, the Lord above

Who says that I am “blessed”

I’m His daughter, and I’m loved

I will not say, “I can’t”

God will help me do my best

Because for every testimony

There must surely be a test

I pray and worship God

For He alone can heal

All my pain and broken heart

When I surrender to His will

I come now to the well

With other women, too

To drink of living waters

That will shape my life anew

Something good is going to happen

Something wonderful is in store

For when my soul is thirsty

God’s love begins to flow

I am a woman at the well

I can not stay away

Each time I come to take a drink

My soul is blessed that day