This non-profit, charitable ministry outreach aims to extend humanitarian, education and spiritual resources, guidance and support to children and families in The Gambia, West Africa, in two targeted areas (Jambanjelly and Kololi Villages). This vision will extend to other countries as well when the doors of opportunity are opened.


  • RICE PROJECT: Distribute Three Hundred (300) 25 kilo bags of rice at $20 per bag to 300 families in targeted areas of the country. This will typically feed a poor family of five for about one and a half  months.
  • SHOE PROJECT: Distribute Five Hundred (500) pairs of plastic (flip-flop) shoes of varying childhood/adult sizes to 500 most needy children in the two targeted areas. (Estimated cost of $1.50 per pair = $700.00)
  • HEALTHY OUTLOOK: Organize Well-Health Check Activities for minimum of 400 children at 2 rural village-school locations. Provide donated items (400 count) of toothbrushes, toothpaste, q-tips, wash cloths, bar soap and ointment for ringworm as a medic-packet to be given to a minimum of 400 children.
  • CLEAN WATER PROJECT: Completely refurbish one old well located at Jambanjelly Village at the cost of $6,500 in order to provide clean water for the children and families in the community.
  • TOYS FOR TOTS: Distribute small “McDonald type” toys to 1,000 children during children’s literacy programs in targeted areas. (Storytime events)
  • DISABLED SUPPORT: Provide knee pads for 5 children who are paralyzed and walk on their knees, and a collection of new or used eye glasses (100 pair for distribution)
  • BUILDING PROJECT:  Solicit benefactors to sponsor the erection of a multi-purpose building and playground area for the people and children of Penyem Village.


  • TEACHER SALARY: Pay annual salaries of $800 x 2 = $1,600 for two toddler teachers to ease over-crowding and reduce pupil/teacher ratio presently at 50/1 at Jambanjelly Day Care Centre Affiliated with Child Fund, Inc.,
  • Pay $800 x 2=$1,6000 for two teacher annual salaries at Bright Futures Academy Nursery School also in Jambanjelly Village.
  • SCHOOL SPONSORSHIPS: Sponsor the continued education of twenty children by paying their annual costs for school fees, books, uniforms, lunch box and transport at $200 for minimum or $400 for full sponsorship for an entire school year.
  • CONSULTATIONS: Support SBEC International School, local village schools, Training and/or Government Agencies  (including Futures Training Institute) annually in capacity building of stronger early childhood education programs in The Gambia through consultations, technical and/or financial assistance. $2,500 needed for annual travel and accommodations.
  • plus $500 annually for Futures Training Institute. This is a newly organized NGO founded by Lisong Bah (former co-trainer and presenter) who will continue the sustainability of quality early childhood development and education through training initiatives.


  • Support Women at the Well Discipleship Groups – Rotating with all chapters through an annual conference or seminar designed to motivate and encourage women to stay committed to their faith.  Estimated total of $600 for rental of location, food, speaker and conference materials.
  • Provide offerings/alms to two local African churches towards their building projects and evangelistic outreaches. $1,000 total
  • Provide Bibles and Gospel Tracks during ministry and preaching sessions to people of all ages.   Estimated cost $200.00 (50-100 count)
  • Accept invitations to speak, preach, and join Christian evangelistic outreaches, including puppetry, visiting nursing homes and children’s storytime.

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