Watthew Ministries

Watthew Ministries International, Inc.  is a registered, 501c3, non-profit corporation reflecting a ministry of integrity, purpose and vision.  The  ministry’s vision is to evangelize and preach the gospel while extending humanitarian, educational and spiritual supports in The Gambia, West Africa  in particular, but also where ever doors of opportunity open.

In addition to the Women at the Well Discipleship ministry  (Wells) planted in The Gambia in 2003, Watthew Ministries has also:

  • fellowshipped and/or co-labored with local churches at home and abroad
  •  joined forces through volunteer services with Government Entities, The Child Fund, Inc. (formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund), and local NGO’s and schools
  •  participated in missions outreach in various ways with Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. (CEF) and YWAM Missionaries based there in The Gambia
  • planted additional Wells in Tampa, FL in 2008 and in Seattle, Washington in 2010.

Missionary in Action